PowerShell Station issues

I’m officially an idiot.  I am in good company, though.  The funny (not really funny) thing, is that I read Jeff’s post 2 years ago and did absolutely nothing about it.  So when my hosting provider had some issues and rebuilt the server this site is on, I was completely unprepared (i.e. I had no recent backups).

Let me say that I’m very pleased with nosupportlinuxhosting and especially how they handled this outage.  I was informed promptly about the issue, the solution they were pursuing, and was notified when they server was back online.  For a “no support” company, I can definitely say that I’ve had better responses from them than the previous company that was handling the site.

I hope to have (most of) the posts back online in the next day or 2.  Fortunately I did have a backup from january (ouch), but that was just posts, pages, and comments.  If you receive some posts in your feed reader over the next few days, that’s probably me adding posts from the last 9 months or so.  I doubt I’ll be able to reconstruct the comments, so I apologize for that lack.

The easy “take away” from this is:  Make sure you have offsite backups for all of your systems.

The not so easy “take away” from this is: No, really, make sure you have offsite backups for all of your systems.

Maybe I’ll learn my lesson this time.


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